Shane's Hardwood

Custom Woodworking & Multi-Color, Multi-Layer Epoxy Logo Inlays

Shane's epoxy inlay process is unlike any other process that exists right now.

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WOW! Just WOW! Thank you @shaneshardwoodstore for creating such an absolutely beautiful end grain cutting board with our @pauliestrong logo. This is a beautiful tribute piece for our little man and we are so grateful. It's almost TOO beautiful to cut on. Please check out @shaneshardwoodstore as he is the best in the business and an amazing human being as well. Thanks, Shane!!


“Absolutely blown away by this board and @biggreenegg handle from @shaneshardwoodstore. Thanks so much man I can’t wait to put these to use. Amazing work! I absolutely love the @49ers bottle opener!” 


Finally got a chance to show off this insane board @shaneshardwoodstore 

made. His epoxy work is insane. If you need a board hit him up. Huge thanks again to @mfridgeway for the bomb ass logo.

I thought I had a problem collecting grills/smokers until I met @shaneshardwoodstore... now I've got a cutting board addiction. This guy puts out some incredible work and you can really tell the work ethic and time that goes into these peices of art. I'll say it again. Go get YOU ONE!